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Welcome into orbit!

Welcome into orbit!

Welcome into orbit!



I just put stuff here i wanna show :)
Have fun with the sticker in the box there, they should stay on whatever you put them on for a while
Check my lua runtime satellite! You can run lua stuffs there right in your browser!


@NEATRO @ 22‑04‑24
Been playing around with Lua <=> JS interop, figured it out!
@NEATRO @ 22‑04‑24
SSL should hopefully nolonger complain.
On the other hand, i've finally added some additional documentation to lua runtime to document all the additional features and classes.
The page is still WIP, but does work quite well so far. You can even click on the functions to insert them directly into the code.
Other than that, updated the buttons below and also removed one due unforseen circumstances. I'll add some more soon!
@NEATRO @ 22‑04‑24
Had tried using a new domain, though had some SSL issues, it'll shortly return!
@NEATRO @ 22‑04‑24
Whoah! it's been a while! Don't worry, i'm still here!
Still been working on my small lua runtime which has been getting more and more little features.
Planning to get into THREE.js and possibly add in some bindings into here so you can do some fun 3d stuffs using Lua!
Not sure when i'll get this done, but it'll get done.
Besides that i also fixed the code for the windows, be sure to Ctrl+F5 if these were/are broken!
@NEATRO @ 12‑03‑24
New lil thing!
Check out lua runtime down here, you can write using the lua programming language and test your code :)
@NEATRO @ 20‑02‑24
Layout change! Whoah!
The newbox is now HERE and takes up alot less space, it's not really the main aspect of my webpage.
Down below you can still find the links.
@NEATRO @ 16‑02‑24
Sorry, been a while! Just mostly been busy with jobstuffs and my voxel engine on the side of things. Managed to neatly implement the networking bits and compression for it. And it works!
Gonna see if i can put some picture of the new voxel engine soon.
Also thinking of slightly reorganising some sections on here, perhaps making this section smaller and moving it to the right or something, will see!
@NEATRO @ 31‑01‑24
Stickers now stay wherever you place them :D
@NEATRO @ 30‑01‑24
The mush is back
@NEATRO @ 30‑01‑24
And done! should display better on less-powerful devices.
@NEATRO @ 29‑01‑24
Planning on restructuring the HTML of this page slightly to boost rendering performance, as i noticed that this page does not display very well on older machines
@NEATRO @ 25‑01‑24
Re-added the animated cursor woooo
@NEATRO @ 19‑01‑24
Even better, addings stickerssss <3 Also temporarily disabled the animated cursor until i can fix some of the performance issues related to it.
@NEATRO @ 10‑01‑24
Addings more gifs and such soon :)
@NEATRO @ 08‑01‑24
Adjusted the shaping of the page to be more correctly dynamic without wasting too much space vertically, also decided to archive one of my favorite childhood games.
@NEATRO @ 04‑01‑24
Will make a webmaster page quite soon, been celebrating with fam and such, good ol' times!
@NEATRO @ 01‑01‑24
Happy new year!! woooo!
@NEATRO @ 24‑12‑23
Merry Christmas!
@NEATRO @ 20‑12‑23
Fixed the cursor hehehehehe
@NEATRO @ 19‑12‑23
You can now copy a hyperlink to my page from the thingz section! Alternatively, you can save the button yourself and make it link back to here <3
@NEATRO @ 19‑12‑23
Been updating it here and there, now there's a quite neat news section i can update whenever i want!
@NEATRO @ 18‑12‑23
Started a new website, enjoy!


@NEATRO @ 18‑12‑23
Dont worry about this, there was just a piece of filler text to test the scrolling feature!



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lua runtime
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*Only works on mobile devices

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